Special production

Do you need to use sensitive electronic gadgets in difficult climatic conditions or only outside an air-conditioned room? We will transport your equipment to the site of installation and make sure it operates in steady temperature and constant humidity, properly protected from dust. For the terminal systems we will make any unauthorized listening a hard work.

Tailor-made approach

We will encrypt your communication so that its security will satisfy the most severe safety requirements and fulfill all your expectations. We manufacture robust data distribution cabinets ATS-UP BOX (Ultra Proof). These are multi-purpose mobile boxes designed for transportation and autonomous operation of electronic devices in the most demanding conditions. We make certain that, while in transit and/or in operation, the devices have whatever conditions they may require to operate dependably even in extreme situations. The technology applied inside the different ATS-UP BOXes is customized to meet specific client´s needs.

As regards the protection of terminal devices against unauthorized listening, our modifications to the equipment are founded on the use of quality IP/SIP phones that are suitable for encrypted networks. The devices will have implanted special elements devised to screen off unwanted radiation. Finally, the phone will be lab tested if it operates as anticipated and if it offers the properties embedded in our solution. Our designers are ready to adjust an IP/SIP phone of your choice for operation in encrypted networks.

Our solutions are based on NATO SDIP-27 & SDIP- 29 standards; the items of equipment we supply meet what is required in SDIP-27, Level B, and they are supposed to be installed in Zone 1 according to NATO SDIP-28.

We have also developed cryptographic key tags for stepped-up levels of confidentiality that comply with  the security standards and requirements of the National Security Authority.

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