Security of communication

Do you wish to know how your corporate data network can be enhanced with a set of technical provisions that will fit the requirements for information security and cybersecurity? We will be happy to advise you on what technical means would be suitable to secure not only your network perimeter but also your internet access and the LAN / WAN environment. We will tell you which provisions are best to ensure secure remote access for your external parties and system administrators.

Specialists in cyber-friendly company

We are ready to carry out a security analysis and a complex analysis of your needs, and draw up your design and security documentation in adherence to the applicable safety standards, to ISO / IEC recommendations and the relevant legislation. We will supply, implement, operate and upgrade your system and perform the penetration tests – all in compliance with the safety & security standards.

We will see to it that your data are kept in a safe storage, protected by your network perimeter, technology room and/or data center. We are fully competent to build systems capable of protecting both the physical and the logical network perimeters.

Ask us:

  • to provide services needed for unambiguous identification of network users;
  • to ensure safe communication with peripheral devices;
  • to administer your address space;
  • to render services of operational & security monitoring of technical reports; log management; and security & cybernetics incidents;
  • to build operational hubs and centers;
  • to supply technologies;
  • to train the staff for different roles and SCO services.


We are an appreciated partner and a supplier of solutions to the major world manufacturers of security & safety  technologies, namely Cisco, Cyber Ark, CA, IBM, Checkpoit, Paloalto, Nokia, Fortinet and others.

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