Power-supply systems

Are  you interested in how your electrical and cooling systems can be supplied from uninterruptible sources? We will advise you on choosing the best fitted type of a data distribution cabinet; instruct you on power-supply redundancy, why it is important and how it can be achieved; we will tell you why the ICT system must be cooled and what cooling medium will suit you best.

Full-scope service provision

For backup systems we offer (1) hermetic maintenance-free Pb rechargeable batteries based on the classical AGM technology useful primarily where there are just infrequent outages, and also (2)  state-of-the-art GEL batteries for daily cycling. Our special front-accessed batteries will find application in modern layouts where space is at a premium. In our servicing activities we take the best advantage of CT CANTEST 48 V/100 A, an automated battery tester.

Ask us:

  • to develop design documentation;
  • to supply technologies and provide services;
  • to install the system;
  • to operate the system;
  • to provide servicing activities;
  • to modernize your powering & cooling systems.

Our solutions are well suited to limited spaces but no worse to large technology rooms and data centers. Our UPS solutions span a range of hundreds of watts to megawatts, while the backup times range from seconds to several hours or even days. To store energy, the UPS units we deliver rely on lead batteries, NiCd batteries or a kinetic module (a flywheel).

We are an appreciated partner and supplier of proven world-renowned manufacturers and of the Delta brands. Our batteries offer superior reliability even in harsh climatic conditions, where they back up cooling technologies, the Rittal Comp. and other.

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