Voice & Data networks

We are a supplier of a range of secure and dependable network facilities, from the lowest to the highest levels of safeguarding. Our facilities meet the strictest security criteria required for certification according to NATO standards. We stand ready to provide whatever is needed for vast data networks, voice services, wireless solutions, data centers, cable systems and optical links, namely their designing, building, securing and their operational & security monitoring, completed with training and counseling services.

State-of-the-art voice & multimedia communication

Would you like to know how to optimize the costs of voice communication? Do you need to integrate mobile services with your fixed phone line? Do you want to access voice communication services equally from any place home or/and abroad? Do you require modern voice and multimedia communication services provided by branch systems or cloud services?

Networks for multimedia services and IoT

Would you like to know the load factor of your communication infrastructure? What technologies are suitable to build multimedia networks for voice, data and image communication in real time? Do  you need to develop your own infrastructure or do you prefer to outsource the relevant services? Do you want to have a data center or a technology room?

Security of communication

Are you a master of your own data? Are you interested in new services of communication security? Do you trust the security perimeter of your network? Are you aware of the price tag of your security? Can you control  your own administrators and/or external parties? Are you able to find your way in system reports and security incidents? Do you build a SOC and feel lost?

Power-supply systems

Would you like to know the cost of a powering system able to back up all your ICT systems? Are you knowledgeable about how and why to treat the backup and power-supply sources to regular servicing? Can you distinguish between what can be powered from UPS and what will require a genset? Do you know how to calculate cooling power that your technology room or data center may require?

Special production

Do you want to protect your communication from prying ears? Do you need to encrypt your data communication with your own key? Do you plan to travel to a war zone and have no boxes secure enough to keep your ICT out of harm´s way?

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