System of communication & information security

Information & communication technologies gather momentum every day. If the systems based on such technologies should be properly operated and administered, it is essential that their information is well protected. Our seasoned professionals keep always at the forefront of development. We offer expert solutions to your communication security, together with servicing and full-scope support of users in designing, deploying and operating cryptographic tools and systems.

Cybersecurity services

What solution for implementing the requirements of the Act on cybersecurity and GDPR in your company is optimal for meeting your demands on system integration?

Cybersecurity Auditor

Have your systems of information security management thoroughly scrutinized for compliance with the applicable requirements, with the current legislation and possibly also with your principles, standards and in-house directives.

Security project management

Are the security projects in your company managed in an effective and comprehensive manner?

Encrypted communication services

Are all your data safely encrypted?

Security counseling

Are you really satisfied with the level of ICT security in your company?

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